The certificate & QR Code

The proliferation of counterfeit products and artwork is a huge problem for artist and artisans. Authentically Aboriginal fight counterfeit products using 4 different security measures.

1- The product  id tracking numbers

The product ID tracking number creates a relation between the source (artist/artisan) and the product

Product Id's are unique and generated individually

2- The QR code  

The Qr Code creates a relation between the product and an on-line gallery , and it can be scanned and tracked from any smart phone that has a QR code readers


3- The authenticity holographic seal.

The Holographic security seal, is hard to contra-fit, and certifies the is an authentically aboriginal produced product


Learn about the seal

4-The Certificate of aboriginal authenticity

The Certificate become part of your product documentation and is an individual document that warranty the authenticity of your productcertificate.png