Authentically Aboriginal Inc. was created on March 13, 2007. The purpose of the organization is to deliver a certification service to the Aboriginal art community that enables such Artists to differentiate their art from those artists who simply create "native art", and an invaluable service to patrons who wish to source Authentically Aboriginal art. Authentically Aboriginal standards and practices encourage consumers to:

  • purchase authentic art from Canadian Native Artists which will in turn increase the value of Aboriginal Art
  • develop a common process of authentication accessible by all Aboriginal artists in Canada
  • protect buyers from unknowingly procuring non-Aboriginal created "native" art.

Artists can access the Authentication process by filling out an online profile, questionnaire, and providing evidence of Aboriginal heritage. This first step involves simply visiting the website and providing all of the required information. Once the artist has submitted their personal profile for authentication it will be reviewed by a committee or the artists's peers.

The final step of the process involves Authentication based on proof of Aboriginal heritage. Authentication is not dependent on the Artist's skill level, education, or quality of work produced. Artists who create Native art, and who are not of Aboriginal descent will not be eligible for the Authentically Aboriginal designation.

Authentically Aboriginal Inc. has created a place for all Aboriginal artists. This website driven organization is a registry of all Aboriginal artists in Canada. Visitors to the site will have the opportunity to view all of the uploaded artists or select a particular art genre.