The benefits

Authentically Aboriginal Inc. will be the first on-line service of its kind in Canada. This dynamic site provides:

  • a registry for all Aboriginal artists and artisans to catalogue their products, and 
  • a single point of access for galleries, organizations, and individuals to verify that art is indeed Authentically Aboriginal.

Authentically Aboriginal services include:

  • Authentically Aboriginal security seals
  • Authentically Aboriginal Certificates of Authenticity
  • Multiple levels of online Artist Memberships
  • Art Gallery Memberships
  • Online Gallery Shopping Cart
  • Online Advertising (banners, section sponsorships, etc.)
  • Marketing tools for Artists
  • Business tools for Artists

The Certificates of Authenticity and the Seals are of high quality and designed with security features to minimize the possibility of fraudulent reproduction. Members have the choice to only have minimal access to online services at no cost, or can purchase service packages annually to enhance online functionality and marketing benefits.


The benefits of these services include:     

  1. The registry will become an integral element of marketing Aboriginal art in Canada.

  2. Aboriginal artists have guided the development of the certification practices. 

  3. Canadian Aboriginal artists will be first and most important customers/members of Authentically Aboriginal Inc. as this registry will populated by the individual artists. 

  4. These services will greatly enhance marketing to members who would not have the resources or capability to reach the broad market. 

  5. Art galleries seek authentic Aboriginal creations to meet a growing and discriminating consumer market, particularly international buyers who expect to purchase "Canadiana" products. Memberships will allow them to play an active role in educating consumers seeking to procure authentic Aboriginal art.

  6. Authentically Aboriginal Inc. has uniquely positioned itself to be the first organization to create a powerful online forum. The company is Aboriginally owned, and ensures members and partners high levels of service. 

  7. Aboriginal artists and artisans are provided with a location to showcase their creations, skills, and culture in a world where there is a growing international demand for the arts and a need to authenticate the origin of the art.

  8. Canadian and international consumers are also increasingly sensitive to the Authenticity of the produces they procure.

  9. Art galleries are able to guarantee the Authenticity of the goods they sell.

Many Countries around the world travel to Canada and promote travel to their own countries, and use Aboriginal culture to do so.  This online forum will offer a powerful location to market tourism to Canadians and world travelers